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ThinApp: Capture, Build & Applink

December 17, 2010

One of the newer members of team Craig Whelan has released a youtube video of a thinapp capture, along with a demonstration of Applink.

High-res demo of a Capture & Build of Firefox 3.5 using ThinApp. Also a CnB of Adobe Flash Player 10 to demonstrate the abilities of AppLink.
Three systems used in this demo.
1, Clean machine for CnB – with ThinApp installed, VM for snapshot revert purposes
2, Host for source files, capture files, updates via IIS
3, Test machine, reference any architecture to prove functionality of the ThinApp’d application
Brief edit of the package.ini to use AppLink, pointer towards video 2, 3 and 4 for the AppSync feature. This functionality isn’t all that new but seems to be gaining exposure recently – so I thought why not put my own 2c out there and join the community!
Apologies for the lack of sound or commentary.

Check it out

Note: there are 4 videos, part one to part four.

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