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Capacity Planning – Why Bother??

October 12, 2009

This Xtravirt White Paper discusses Capacity Planning (Workload Profiling) and the reasons why it is an important first step to any virtualization exercise.

Prompted by the frustrations of trying to convince customers of the importance of fully understanding their environment before embarking on a virtualization project, this papers aim is to clear up misconceptions about the purpose and importance of this exercise.

What is Capacity Planning?

Capacity Planning will be referred to as “Workload Profiling” as this name better represents the core activity of the exercise. Workload profiling is where a software tool such as VMware Capacity Planning, PlateSpin Recon or Lanamark is installed in a customer’s existing environment and configured to systematically gather performance and inventory data over a period of time, typically several weeks. At the end of the exercise the data is analysed and a report is generated showing the usage of the environment. This data is then used as the basis for the virtualization design phase.

The key point to note is that it’s not simply about determining how much new server hardware is required to support the new virtual environment (i.e. Capacity Planning), it’s also about having the detailed information to be able to make informed design decisions during the design phase.

The Whitepaper can be read here

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