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Application Virtualization: The Natural Extension to VDI?

August 6, 2009

There is a lot of talk about at the moment with regards to VDI – is it happening or isn’t it. There have been some industry spokes people discussing when VDI will ‘really’ take off.

Something a VDI project should consider carefully is application delivery – how are applications in a VDI environment deployed to users? In a base image? Virtualized?

This article by Danny Clarke from Add3 provides an insight in to Application Virtualization.


Application Virtualization is a concept which enables organisations to deploy their users’ applications quickly, easily and securely without many of the headaches, risks or costs associated with traditional techniques.

Application Virtualization technologies typically do this by isolating or ‘sandboxing’ applications into self-contained packages or ‘bubbles’ which make it possible to not only deliver different versions or configurations of previously conflicting applications but also streamline the entire application lifecycle from instigation, through deployment, support, updates/patches to retirement.

This white paper provides an overview, the components and some of the business and technical benefits of Application Virtualization

The whitepaper can be read here

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