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Quest vWorkspace 6.2 has been released

August 5, 2009

I recieved this in my inbox courtesy of Quest

The Desktop Virtualization Group is pleased to announce today’s release of Quest vWorkspace 6.2. Here are some of the exciting features and changes for this version of vWorkspace.

vWorkspace NetApp Integration

vWorkspace is now integrated with NetApp FlexClone technology. Here are some of the benefits of this integration:

  • Rapid deployment of virtual desktops.
  • An average of ninety percent disk utilization reduction saving valuable SAN or NAS storage (savings vary based on use case).
  • Continuous desktop access due to advanced protection and fail over.
  • VMware Platform support only.

Enhanced Multimonitor Support

Improvements have been made to enhance the user experience when using multiple monitors supporting a wider variety of orientations and mix/match resolutions.

Enhanced Graphic Acceleration Support

Graphics Acceleration improvements expand the applications which are accelerated, as well as improved speed and quality. Applications that use Microsoft DirectDraw are also now accelerated.

Enhanced USB Redirection

The USB Redirection feature has been enhanced with the following features:

  • Improved support for audio and video USB based devices.
  • Overall improved performance.
  • Additional tuning and device exclusion options are included.

Web Access and Microsoft SharePoint Integration (Experimental)

vWorkspace Web Access can now be used with Microsoft SharePoint.  Please note this feature is experimental, and currently not supported by Quest Support.  It is important that the Quest vWorkspace Web Access and Microsoft Office SharePoint Integration Release Notes are reviewed before implementing this experimental feature.

Other Features

  • An alternative sysprep mode has been added for provisioning virtual machines on VMware platforms for use with provisioning domain joined machines which will be joined to an AD OU. This overcomes limitations introduced since Virtual Center Update 3..
  • Additional status information has been added to the vWorkspace Management Console when Desktops or Other Servers nodes are selected.
  • Modifications have been made to the database verification process to allow for version upgrades without including a database upgrade.

It is important that you review the vWorkspace 6.2 documentation and release notes for further information on resolved and known issues.

The release and product documentation are available on the vWorkspace web site at, as well as the Quest SupportLink web site at

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