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Xtravirt Release the VMware Document Downloader Utility

July 23, 2009

ScriptXtravirt have released a nifty tool to download documentation from the VMware website.

GetVMwareDocs is a small DOS batch script that creates and maintains a local copy of all VMware’s product documentation, making it an ideal utility for consultants or administrators that require offline access to these resources, such as when at a customer site without immediate internet access.

The script downloads all the HTML pages and PDF documents referenced on the VMware Documentation pages at, including those for previous product versions. Where pages or documents are available in a multiple languages, these are downloaded too.

In order to control its “reach” and avoid unnecessary downloads, the script follows explicit links from this page. As a result, when the index page changes (typically each time VMware release a new product or a product update), it may require modification to include the new links, so check the Xtravirt website periodically as we will endeavour to maintain an up to date version.

On first use, the total volume of data downloaded will approach 650MB (as at 7 July 2009). It therefore makes sense that if you have already performed a download (even if it is incomplete or out of date) and wish to provide a colleague with the same utility, that you also provide them with your previously downloaded files. Subsequent script executions will refresh this repository, only downloading any “missing” or updated documents.

Once the repository has been built, access to it is via a local copy of the VMware documentation index page, meaning that the offline navigation process is identical to the online one. The script will automatically load the index page into a browser session, whether or not a check for updates is elected to be performed first.

You can download the tool from here

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