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Catbird V-Security

June 29, 2009

Security in any virtualization infrastructure is a hot topic. Often, companies are not sure how to deal with it. One company that provides a solution for security and compliance are catbird.

Catbird’s V-Security™ is the industry’s first and only comprehensive security solution for VMware. Fully leveraging virtualization’s architectural elegance, the Catbird V-Security is the latest advancement in VMware security and offers the broadest and most cost-effective security protection for virtual networks of all sizes.

Xtravirts own Paul Buckle has taken the time to look in to the Catbird offering and has written up a nifty V-Agent Installation Guide.


The wide-ranging benefits of virtualization are hard to ignore, but as enterprises develop their confidence in the technology and extend its deployment to mission critical functions, focus needs to be drawn to one of its shortcomings. While traditional processes and methodologies typically work equally as well in a virtual environment, there is an exception when it comes to IT security.

This white paper provides information on this following key features:

  • The security risks in a virtual environment
  • The use of Catbird V-Security to address those risks
  • Installation of the V-Agent component of Catbird V-Security

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