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New Whitepaper: Overview of Physical to Virtual (P2V) Considerations

June 23, 2009
P2V - Physical to Virtual Conversion

P2V - Physical to Virtual Conversion

I have done quite a bit of P2V work recently, so thought this might make for an interesting whitepaper. The paper details the different P2V products on the market as well as considerations for Windows and Linux converted systems, irrespective of what P2V tool or virtual environment you are converting the system to run in. I discuss the following:

– What is P2V?
– Hypervisor and P2V Tool Compatibility (what tools with what Hypervisors covering: VI3.x, MS Hyper-V, VirtualIron, Citrix Xen Server, Oracle VM)
– Overview of P2V tools (3rd party and virtualization vendor specific)
– Pre conversion / Post converson considerations

I hope you find the whitepaper useful. You can find it here

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One Comment
  1. Bo-sung Lee permalink

    Dear Paul Davey,

    XenConverter included in XenServer can convert Windows machine – physical and virtual – to XenServer virtual machine with XVA or VHD format.

    XenServer P2V tool with XenServer Installation CD can convert physical Linux machine as you described in this white paper.


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