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Quest vWorkspace: New Public Beta – Mac Client

June 17, 2009

I missed this when it was posted by Patrick Rouse of Quest on the 13th. After a long wait the first beta release of the vWorkspace AppPortal client for the MAC is here!

Supported and unsupported features:
This functionality has been implemented:

– creating and editing connections, saving them to and loading from a persistent storage (disk database);
– retrieving application lists from the broker;
– launching applications in RDP session;
– sharing RDP sessions for new application when there’s a session that is already running;
– project installer

This functionality has not yet been implemented:
– NAT support;
– Proxy server;
– Local devices redirection;
– Password management;
– Desktop integration;
– RDP apps autolaunch;
– custom resolution;
– sound redirect;
– keyboard redirect;
– RDP experience;

You can access the beta download by logging in with your account on the vWorkspace homepage. If you dont have an account, you can register for free!

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