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Considerations when virtualizing Active Directory

June 17, 2009

Active DirectoryI have just released a new whitepaper over at the Xtravirt website. It covers considerations for virtualizing Active Directory. Please note this is not a hypervisor specific whitepaper – this covers considerations when virtualizing Active Directory regardless of the hypervisor that you will be using.

Active Directory was first previewed in 1999 and first released with the Windows 2000 Server family. Upon the arrival of Windows 2003 Server, extended functionality and improvements were introduced, then again with the release of Windows 2003 Server R2. Windows 2008 Server and Windows 2008 Server R2 further refine the functionality with the service being renamed Active Directory Domain Services. Active Directory domains are fairly standard issue with small businesses and enterprise customers. Understanding how to virtualize Active Directory properly is critical to ensuring uninterrupted service during a migration as well as maintaining robust domain services post project.

This Xtravirt white paper explains the considerations when virtualizing Active Directory.

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