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How to Install ESX 4.0 on Workstation 6.5.2 as a VM

June 5, 2009
Paul Buckle, Consultant, Xtravirt Ltd

Paul Buckle, Team Xtravirt

Mr Buckle, from Team Xtravirt has written up and published the whitepaper “How to install ESX 4.0 on Workstation 6.5.2 as a VM” on the Xtravirt website. The original ESX 3.x on Workstation was a very popular whitepaper and I am sure that this will be prove as much so. Keep your eyes peeled for some variations to this whitepaper, coming soon.

“Being able to run VMware ESX 4.0 under VMware Workstation as a VM gives users and professionals in the IT community great flexibility when it comes to learning, experimenting or even demonstrating the product. This Xtravirt white paper provides this information along with the installation instructions for this environment.”

The whitepaper can be found here


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