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ESX4 Host Connected USB Devices and Pass Through to VMs

May 28, 2009
ESX4: USB Controller for VMs - but does it work?

ESX4: USB Controller for VMs - but does it work?

Lots of people on the VMware forums complaining about the fact that they can’t get the new USB controller working properly, e.g. cannot get it to pass through a host connected USB device to a hosted VM. Well, I looked and looked at it today – could I get it working? Nope.. So I did the next best thing.. I logged a call with VMware Support!

Anyway, you can probably guess what the answer was I got back from VMware Tech Support. I will say though, that as ever, I got a thorough response from VMware and in a very timely fashion as well 🙂  If only all tech support lines would be as helpful. Anyway, I documented the conversation as a hot tip over at the Xtravirt website. I will update it as I get updates from VMware Tech Support.
NOTE: Hot Tip on Xtravirt website has been updated following an updated from VMware.

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  1. Matt permalink

    Please let us know when you do find something out from VMware. I was very excited for USB pass through but then very disappointed when I realized it didn’t work at all. 😦

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