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Capacity Planning – Do you, would you, should you?

May 27, 2009
How can you realise the best ROI unless you know what you need and where you are coming from?

How can you realise the best ROI unless you know what you need and where you are coming from?

For some, the cost of running a capacity planning assessment is too high and hard to justify compared to buying some extra RAM or an extra blade. Some IT directors are focused on the servers and storage they want to buy. This may be driven by an existing relationship with a vendor or a specific and attractive price point. Quite often, a finger-in-the-air approach is taken, to deciding how much compute resource and storage is required. This could end up with the project being over- or underspecified. While the benefits of virtualization are great, so is the potential for overstocking your data center. Too much kit ruins a good virtualization excersize 🙂

I am going to assume that most people that are reading this know what capacity planning is. However, I do have two questions I would like to ask:

How many of you performed a capacity planning excersize prior to a server consolidation project \ VDI project?

For those who are considering a server consolidation excersize \ VDI project , are you considering running a capacity planning assessment?

I would be interested to hear from people that have gone through one of these types of projects without \or with a capacity planning assessment being undertaken. It would be very interesting to hear if the majority believe in the benefits of a good cap plan assessment.

Feel free to email me at: with your experiences and thoughts.


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