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VMware View Broker, ChipPC and Xtreme 6460

May 19, 2009

I thought I would post this up as it seems something that easily gets missed… 🙂

I have been helping a customer set up a VDI environment using Chip PC devices, the Chip PC management console and the VMware View broker. View set up as a dream, the multiple documents from Chip PC caused a bit of confusion (bit = a lot) and then.. plugged the device in and we are ready to go.

Try connecting via the Chip PC View client and we can’t get a desktop. So, in the View broker, log in to the admin page, scroll to the bottom of the page, select your View Broker and click Edit. Enable Direct connect.

There you go.. we now have connections..

  1. Hi,
    Just to inform you about some details on Chip PC: officially there is no official VMware Client for Windows CE (the 6460 is under CE 6), so Chip PC developped a specific client, based on API from VMware… That’s why you need to setup the View server to use a direct connection… It’s not possible to have an indirect connection using API.
    But if you test a Plug PC, Xtreme PC 2321, or a Jack PC 2311, they are under Linux and there is a full VMware View Client inside… In this case, it’s perfectly compatible with the indirect connection or other vmware settings… (with also a better performance)

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