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New Xtravirt Website Launched

May 15, 2009

14th May 2009 – New Xtravirt Website Launched

We (Xtravirt) have launched a new updated website. I hope you like it; it has taken a lot of time and dedication from the whole Xtravirt team to get to where we are today. The site provides vastly improved search ability and an improved registration process (we will be distributing a monthly Xtravirt newsletter). There is even some vSphere content up there (more coming soon). We are also giving away (yes, giving away!!) the Xtravirt Presentation Pack. Here’s a little about it:


Xtravirt Presentation Pack 2.0
Xtravirt Presentation Pack 2.0


These 4 individual packs contain extensively detailed icons and imagery to illustrate any virtualisation solution.

Each pack contains:

  • A PDF with all of the icons indexed for quick reference
  • A Microsoft Powerpoint document with all the icons in a format to create stunning presentations in Powerpoint, Word and more.
  • A Microsoft Visio Stencil with true vector based versions of the icons, and can be scaled to any degree without image degredation

Packs are categorised into Presentation and Engineering versions.  The presentation images consist of high quality contemporary gloss icons, whereas the Engineering versions have been modified to remove the higher presentation detail, so where plain technical documentation is a must, these fit perfectly.

In total, there are over 350 icons to choose from.

Pack Descriptions

  1. XGP: General Presentation
  2. XGE: General Engineering
  3. XVP: VMware Presentation
  • XVE: VMware Engineering
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