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HP VSA gets greater storage support (previously Lefthand VSA)

May 8, 2009

I have used the Lefthand VSA’s in the past and personally I think they are great, assuming they are used in the correct type of environment. What was always a bit of a pain was the 2TB limit on the storage that it could present. Thankfully, this has been increased now to 10TB total!  A very nice upgrade. The software to achieve this is version 8.1 and obviously is now purchased directly from HP, not Lefthand. V8.1 also removes all the Lefthand branding in favour of HP.



The great thing about the VSA is the flexibility. Local disks (Raid sets) can be used as well as non shared DAS storage. The 10TB update allows you to present up to 5 virtual hard disks to the VSA (for example, 1 internal RAID set and 4 DAS sets) which in turn can be presented as iscsi LUNs. Multiple VSAs can be used with data being written across all of the VSA nodes, providing great resilience and protection from entire node failures.

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