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vSphere (in)Compatibility

April 28, 2009

VMware have posted a useful tool to let you see what vsphere edition(s) you are entitled to once you upgrade. The tools can be found here:

What is interesting is that using the tool you are given the option to specify additional VMware products that you currently use. In return it tells you the compatibility of the product with vSphere and if it is not compatibile, then it gives you the ETA for the release that will be. It looks at the moment that if you are avid fan of the VMware product set, then you might have some issues adopting vSphere, at least until the second half of this year.

vSphere Upgrade Advisor: Compatibility Issues?

vSphere Upgrade Advisor: Compatibility Issues?

Considering the noise surrounding DR and VDI, is the lack of compatibility between vSphere and SRM\View going to cause VMware a slow adoption rate? With incompatibility like this, I wonder if trainers will see much call for updated skills at the launch date, consultants with updated skills for vSphere design and implementation; and will all the vSphere book writers see dissapointing sales?

Below is the complete current list from the Software Compatibility List published by VMware.

vSphere Compatibility Matrix

vSphere Compatibility Matrix

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