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Quest and Microsoft announce joint VDI effort

April 27, 2009

I have long been a fan of  Provision Networks and their VAS VDI offering. So, when Provision Networks were bought by Quest I held my breath and expected even greater things – greater monetary input, penetration in to a wider customer base; it must be good for the Provision team right?

So far, the product has gone from strength to strength (rebranded as vWorkspace earlier this year) and it was great to see a dedicated team working hard at VMworld Europe this year on the booth. Anyway, further excitement can now be felt, as today, an announcement has been made detailing a finalised deal between Microsoft and Quest. So, it would appear that the Microsoft sales force wont just be banging the Xen Desktop product anymore.

The deal seems to be one where the vWorkspace product will be oem’d for Quest have become a strategic partner with Microsoft so it will fit in with their overall offering (Hyper-v, App-v and System Center). Smart move Microsoft..Now customers will have a choice between Quesy or Citrix (previously Citrix were the only strategic partner for VDI)

You can read the Quest Software press release here

I couldn’t see a release on the Microsoft site, so if you find it post it as a comment 🙂

I have edited this post as I should have mentioned – vWorkspace is the product of choice in Parallels VDI installations as well – – Is vWorkspace taking over the world?!??!??

****Updated – Many thanks to Patrick Rouse from Quest software for correcting me on the relationship. Thanks Patrick!!***

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  1. Paul, thanks for your interest in vWorkspace. The announcements from Quest and Microsoft are that Quest is a strategic partner with Microsoft for VDI. Previously Citrix was the only strategic partner for VDI, so customers will now be told there is a choice when doing business with Microsoft. There is currently no OEM agreement in place.

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